Friday, May 24, 2024

About Us

We’re a group of 24 disgruntled, former users of Craigslist’s personals. We’ve spent the last few months seeking out the very best alternatives in order to provide you, the readers, with sound advice on which sites you can use now to accomplish what you were able to accomplish using Craigslist’s personals section no matter where you’re located.

Polls on this site are conducted by Katelyn George, Eduardo Herring, Jimmy Sandoval, Haylee Becker, Dominik Buchanan, Alice Petersen, Milo Shea, Myla Mason, Neil Moody, Memphis Huber, Raegan Liu, Jordan Roman, Ramiro Nash, Camryn Medina, Leon Bender, Charlee Arellano, Braylen House, Graham Hood, Darrell Pena, Saniya Avery, Alberto Salazar, Jaron Kemp, Noah Burgess, Javion Riggs, Mario Johns, Jerome Aguilar, Calvin Hoffman, Luka Chandler, Deangelo Sparks, Bradyn Meyers, Karli Merritt, Mohamed Noble, Jaelyn Benjamin, Josh Morrow, Megan Rubio, Denzel Luna, Brenna Jensen, Alisson Robinson, Payton Yang, Martha Holmes, Triston Guerrero.